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Founded in 1987, the Troth is an Inclusive Heathen Organization & Proud Signatory of Declaration 127

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You can be a part of our mission to educate and welcome all who wish to worship the Gods with an open heart

The Troth's mission is to bring together those who wish to worship the Gods and Goddesses, and to engage in service to our communities in Their name.

We welcome people from all backgrounds who have been called to follow Heathenry, Asatru or Norse Paganism. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity or gender identity. 

We invite all who share the values of inclusive Heathenry to join us in the worship of the Gods and Goddesses, our ancestors and Land Spirits.


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The Troth takes great pride in being an organization that welcomes all people without judging them. We believe that, no matter what a person's religious or cultural background, ancestral background, physical ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation may be, if the Gods and Goddesses called to them, they are welcome.