Rituals in Norse Paganism

Heathen Rituals

There are three basic rituals in religions like Heathenry, Asatru and Norse Paganism

These rituals might be called different things in different traditions. Urglaawe calls their rituals by names like "Sege" "Laupen" and so on according to Pennsylvania Dietsch language. Some will refuse to call anything a Blot that doesn't involve the sacrifice of an animal specifically, and instead will call it a "Faining," which is another word for "Offering."\\

You'll find in this section a primer on these main rituals, as well as links to deeper articles about specific topics in our Blog.

Other Rituals/Events


Magic would fall under this category. While not a "ritual" magical practices like Seidhr, Galdr, Braucharei and Hexenrei are popular and commonly seen throughout the general Germanic Pagan community. These are practiced with varying degrees of formality, but are usually the province of individuals rather than whole groups. For more on that, check out our Esoteric Program.

Life Events


Many of our rituals take place on Holidays, and you can find more about Holidays on our Holiday resource page.

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