Clergy Program

Clergy Program

Troth Clergy

Clergy Elders

  • Diana L. Paxson, Clergy Program Coordinator. California (profile)
  • Kveldulf Gundarsson (Stephan Grundy), Elder. Ireland. (profile)

Active Clergy

  • Patricia LaFayllve. Connecticut. (profile)
  • Sagadis (Melodi Grundy). Ireland. (profile)
  • Su Eaves. Virginia. (profile)
  • Tanya Peterson. Oklahoma. (profile)

Clergy Emeriti (Retired)

Introduction to the Clergy Program

For additional information about the training program and Troth clergy, contact Clergy Coordinator Diana L. Paxson at

Stated Purposes:

The Troth’s Clergy Program will:

  1. Provide training in knowledge and skills needed by those serving as clergy in heathen traditions in general and in the Troth in particular

  2. Evaluate and certify those who have demonstrated that they have the qualifications and have fulfilled the requirements for service as Troth godwo/men and elders

  3. Maintain a registry of clergy accredited by the Troth

  4. Maintain an e-list for Troth clergy and trainees for continuing education and mutual support

  5. Provide information and referrals to Troth members and others seeking the services of heathen clergy