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Troth Statement on the Attempted Bombing of Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, Colorado

The Troth, an international Heathen organization, has issued a statement regarding the recent plot by Richard Holzer to blow up Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, Colorado:


Red Hammer: Relief to the Bahamas

The Troth's Red Hammer is now collecting donations to go, in full, to relief services in the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

If you can donate, please visit: 


Hammer, Oak, and Lightning: A Thor Devotional


Statement on the Arrest of Garrett "Odinschild" Kelsey

On July 23, 2019, Garrett Kelsey was arrested in Cedar Falls, Iowa, for making racist, violent threats via email and telephone a Jewish organization based in Manhattan. Among other things, the man demanded that the organization apologize to the “Asatru community” for posting a video about Nordic neo-Nazis. He identified himself as “Garrett Odinschild”, a reference to the Norse god Odin.


An Open Letter to Governor David Ige of Hawai'i Regarding the 30 Meter Telescope

Dear Governor Ige, 

The Troth and its body of members are writing in support of the demand to immediate halt to the construction of the TMT 30 Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea, Island of Hawaiʻi. The TMT will cause irreversible environmental harm to the mountain and destroy a sacred place for Kanaka Maoli’s spiritual and cultural practices.


Blogging Our Troth, part 8: The Forgotten Gods and Goddesses

This week's selection from the forthcoming third edition of Our Troth seems timely. June 5 is the feast day in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Boniface, who was noted for his missionary efforts in present-day Germany, until he was martyred in 754. Among other deeds, he is said to have felled the "Oak of Jupiter" (presumably sacred to Thor, or Donar) that once stood at Gaesmere (probably near Fritzlar in modern Hesse) and built a chapel from its wood. He is said to have destroyed other idols and holy sites.


Blogging Our Troth, part 7: Nehalennia

Once again, I've got a section of the current working draft of the forthcoming third edition of Our Troth for you. Last week, you got the Saxon god Saxnot; today I have the honor to present the Roman-era goddess of the Rhine delta, Nehalennia. As always, this is a work in progress, and part of the reason I post these in the first place is in hopes of getting feedback—please leave a comment if you have anything to add, suggest, or even complain about. Thanks!




Blogging Our Troth, part 6: Saxnot

One of the things I want to to in the new Our Troth is give a bit more space to deities known from Germany and Anglo-Saxon England. The previous editions folded Saxnot, or Seaxneat, in with Tyr, and while this is a possibility, there are other opinions, within and outside of the Heathen community, as to who Saxnot might be. So Saxnot will get a section of his own, and here's the working draft of it. Enjoy! And feel free to post any comments you might have, or else drop me a line.

Saxnot (Sahsnôt, Seaxnēat)


Blogging Our Troth, part 5: The Indo-Europeans, Part 3

I've got one more excerpt (for now) on the speakers of Proto-Indo-European languages, and next week I'll post something else. The usual disclaimer applies: This is the current working draft of a section of Our Troth 3rd edition, and it's subject to change between now and the eventual publication date (hopefully 2020, but that's not a promise!) Drop me a line or leave a comment if there's anything that you think I should change, delete, add, or otherwise improve. Thanks to everyone for reading this far—more will follow!


Blogging Our Troth, part 4: The Indo-Europeans, Part 2

Once again, I'm blogging excerpts from the upcoming third edition of Our Troth. This week we continue with the mostly new chapter on the Indo-Europeans. The first edition of this chapter, back in 1993, was mostly written by Sunwynn Ravenswood. Recent discoveries—especially the ability to sequence and analyze DNA from ancient human remains, as well as some new syntheses of the past century of archaeological fieldwork—mean that I'm pretty much having to rebuild this chapter almost from the foundations.



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