The Shope is the Publications Director of the Troth, overseeing all the Troth's publications in both print and electronic formats. The current Shope is Ben Waggoner.

The Troth publishes a quarterly journal, Idunna, which is sent to all members of the Troth as well as a few non-member subscribers; back issues are made available to the general public. The current editor of Idunna is Diana Paxson, assisted by Lorrie Wood.

The Troth also publishes a large and growing line of books of interest to Heathens and others interested in Norse and Germanic religion. These include Our Troth(2 vols.), the most comprehensive guide ever published to ancient and modern Heathen practice; A Book of Blots, a collection of over fifty rituals for honoring the Gods of the North, with essays on effective worship; and a growing series of original translations of Old Norse sagas, many of which are hard to find in translation anywhere else.

Recently, the Troth has begun making most of these publications available in various electronic formats, as well as in print. The Shope's Office also oversees the production and sale of merchandise such as patches and T-shirts.

The Shope's Office can always use volunteers. All of the content of Idunna is written by members and friends of the Troth. We publish everything from scholarly articles to personal essays, interviews, short fiction, poetry, and artwork. Each Idunna issue is grouped around a theme; contact the Shope for the current upcoming themes. We can also use contributors for various books and other publishing projects that the Troth sponsors, as well as people with skills in editing, proofreading, and graphic design.

Oh, and if you're curious about the title. . . it is a modernization of the Old English word scop. Related to modern English "shape", a scop was a shaper of words-a poet, singer, and tale-teller at a ruler's court. While the current Shope is not as skilled at harping and improvising alliterative verse as a scop of old, he and his fellows are nonetheless shapers of words, in service to the Gods and to the Heathen community.