High Rede: Scribe

The Scribe shall make and keep a complete and accurate record of all actions considered by the High Rede, whether in a meeting or otherwise. This record shall include the text of the proposed action, the date of final determination, the outcome of the vote, the numbers of affirmative votes, negative votes, and abstentions, and the specific votes of each Rede member. The Scribe shall keep a copy of all records made, and shall forward the official records to the Steer, the High Rede, and the editor of the operating journal at least quarterly. The Scribe is the Parliamentarian within Rede meetings. The Scribe is responsible for all Rede-level publications. The Scribe may not be sitting member of the High Rede.

The current office holder is:
Name Term Start Term End
William Erickson 15 June, 2020 15 June, 2023

Contact the Scribe

Email address: scribe@thetroth.org

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