High Rede

The High Rede

Rede Members:

  • Jeremy Baer, Officer Liaison
  • John T Mainer, Communications Officer
  • Lisa Morgenstern, Lead Moderator (Facebook and email)
  • Joanna Spinks
  • Laura Fuller 
  • Lonnie Scott 
  • John Hijatt

The High Rede may consist of as few as three and as many as nine members, including the Steer. All High Rede positions are elected by Full Members of The Troth; the Steer is appointed by the members of the High Rede after a general election is held. The Assistant Steer is appointed by the High Rede and must be a standing Rede member. All High Rede members serve three-year terms, and may be re-elected.

Updated 2/22/18