Program Coordinators: Volunteer Coordinator

  • This position is the primary contact for members or non-members who want to volunteer for the organization. 
  • This Officer would strive to find the right spot for a volunteer among the various teams. The Officer would be in touch with all volunteers throughout the organization.
  • Maintain the Volunteer database with the help of the Secretary and Clerk as needed. 
  • Maintain and distribute quarterly the “Directory” of primary Volunteers in leadership positions.
  • Work with the Officer Liaison of the Rede as needed.
  • Distribute the advertisements for vacant/new positions. Collect applications and communicate with the search committee for each position.
  • Assist with Leadership Training Handbook project and relevant responsibilities. 
  • Assist the Rede with developing/strengthening the Volunteer Program.
  • Document/collect/track written or verbal oaths from volunteers. 
  • Contact team and committee leadership as needed for updating volunteer excel lists, Troth-officers email group, Troth Officers Facebook group.
The current office holder is:
Name Term Start Term End
Dee Waggoner 11 July, 2022 30 June, 2024

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