Program Coordinators: Lore Program Provost

The Provost shall be appointed by the Rede for a three-year term and may be reappointed. The Lore Program Provost is an Executive Officer in The Troth.  The Provost shall be responsible for supervising the Lore Program by providing guidance and leadership in the development and evaluation of the program and its initiatives, and by promoting the further development of program members. The Provost, advised by the Board of Deans, will oversee evaluative studies of the curricula, programs and initiatives, ensure that these evaluations are conducted accurately, on time, and effectively, and will coordinate the acquisition of resources to meet the needs of the program as a whole. 

The Provost will consult the advice of the Board of Deans on all major decisions and report to the Rede. In addition, The Provost, or his/her designate, shall provide information regarding lore program training, certification programs and procedures concerning Lore Program members in good standing to governmental and other agencies, upon the request of such members. If the workload requires, he/she may appoint assistants to take over aspects of the duties.

The current office holder is:
Name Term Start Term End
Thomas de Mayo 15 June, 2020 15 June, 2023

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