Program Coordinators: In-Reach Program Coordinator

  • Reviews the In-Reach charter
  • Prioritizes key tasks with metrics and submits for approval to Rede
  • Works with available volunteers to fulfill key tasks in priority order
  • Provides quarterly reports to the High Rede with metrics
  • Recruits and trains volunteers for continuity and program improvement
  • Submits changes to the charter as needed for Rede approval
  • Facilitate fulfillment of Troth orders from inmates, as required
  • Present, monitor, and enforce policies that are consistent with Troth policy for Mail Handlers and other In-Reach volunteers
  • Work with the In-Reach Chaplaincy Coordinator to provide information about inclusive Heathenry and The Troth to correctional facilities
  • Monitor and utilize the In-Reach budget money appropriately
The current office holder is:
Name Term Start Term End
Jo Anne Hunding 15 June, 2020 15 June, 2023

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