The Troth | Steward Program

What is a Steward?

Stewards are volunteers who work to build community for heathens everywhere in conjunction with the Troth. They start by providing a presence and giving information to individuals who are interested in The Troth or in heathenry generally. They may also help heathens find each other, start kindreds if they wish, and create opportunities for local kindreds to get together with each other or organize regional meetings. The work of the Steward in this web is bringing together threads of individuals and kindreds. They are familiar with the Troth members and kindreds in his or her area, and know the other heathen organizations that are willing to work with the Troth. They usually have strong ties to the broader heathen community local to the Steward's territory.

Stewards can be Regional, and work within a state, part of a state, or in several states. A steward can also work in a special interest area, such as with the military or with incarcerated heathens.

A listing of all the current and proposed stewards is inside the back cover of each Idunna and can also be found on our website. Please feel free to contact your regional steward (if there is one for your area) about Asatru, the Troth, and/or heathens in your area. If you receive no reply, please email the High Steward as he or she can answer you as well.

Stewards are usually familiar with the Troth's website operations and are able to assist members who have issues with joining, renewing, or changing their information in the database. Stewards usually have familiarity with Troth operations as a whole, in order to answer more general questions when asked.

Stewards enjoy talking to new heathens, and collect and distribute information about heathens and kindreds in their area. They may also attend or even organize local and regional heathen gatherings to make the Troth more visible to all. Stewards serve both as resources for their local community and as the literal "face" of The Troth in their areas.