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The Troth is an organization that unites people around the world who worship and honor the old Gods and Goddesses of the Germanic peoples. There are many different traditions within this religion, but what unites us all is deep love for the old Gods and Goddesses, for our worthy ancestors, and for the values expressed in our myths and stories. We work every day to rebuild our ancient religion and bring it into the modern world, while staying true to our ancient roots. The Troth publishes an expanding line of books, as well as a quarterly journal, Idunna. We aim to be a resource for all who would learn more about our ways.

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Our Troth: Heathen History (Volume 1)

  • Paperback: $25
  • Hardcover: $40
  • PDF: $9

Our Troth: Heathen Gods (Volume 2)

  • Paperback: $25
  • Hardcover: $40
  • PDF: $9

Our Troth: Living the Troth (Volume 3) Coming in 2022! 

Our Troth: First published in 1993, Our Troth was hailed as an “instant classic”. We are proud to have republished it as a two-volume set, greatly expanded and updated. Our Troth is the most comprehensive book ever published on old and revived Germanic religion


The Elder Troth

A Book of Blóts: A collection of over fifty rituals for all occasions. $15.00. Also available as a PDF download for $6.00.

Working Within: A guide for incarcerated Heathens. $6.63. Also available as a PDF download for $2.50.

Words for Warriors: A book for Heathens in the military, with spiritual and practical guidance on military issues. $13.99. Also available as a PDF download for $5.00. Coming soon for the Amazon Kindle and other e-readers!

Things, Signs and their Meanings

Norse Magical and Herbal HealingThe first translation of a medieval Icelandic medical book on healing herbs, healing magic, and later folklore. $12.00. Also available as a PDF download for $5.00. Or buy it from!

2012 Old Heathen's Almanac: 2012 may be long gone, but there's still plenty of timeless and useful information here -- a calendar of religious and secular holidays, tips on gardening and crafting, recipes, reflections on the seasons from a Heathen perspective, and much more! $10.00. Also available as a PDF download for $5.00.

2013 Old Heathen's Almanac: We did another one of these in 2013. There's everything here from seasonal recipes, Heathen reflections and poetry, gardening tips, folk games and crafts, and more! $10.00. Also available as a PDF download for $5.00.


The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok, The Sagas of Fridthjof the Bold, Sagas of Giants and Heroes

The Troth Lore Series: These are fresh, new English translations of Old Norse legendary sagas and tales. Heroes of the Heathen past deal with giants and dragons, battle armies and sorcerors, and even encounter the old Gods now and then. Most of these legendary sagas, or fornaldarsögur, have never been translated before, or else are hard to find in English. We provide full bibliographies and complete commentary to help you understand these tales in context. Whether you’re a serious scholar of mythology, or just love Viking adventures, you’ll want these!

Available from,, or by direct order from the Troth


The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok: Sagas of the legendary Viking warrior and his sons. $14.01. Also available as a PDF download for $5.00.

The Sagas of Fridthjof the Bold: Tales of adventure, battle, and romance. $12.99. Also available as a PDF download for $5.00.

Sagas of Giants and Heroes: Four complete sagas and six shorter tales of mighty and dangerous giants, and the heroes who dared to face them. $16.99. Also available as a PDF download for $5.00.

The Hrafnista Sagas: A cycle of four legendary sagas about a family of mighty men from Hrafnista, Norway, and their battles with foes both human and inhuman. $16.99. Also available as a PDF download for $5.00.

The Saga of Hromund Gripsson: A ripping Viking tale of quests for treasures, struggles against treachery, and battles against foes both human and inhuman. Available exclusively as an e-book. $3.00 for PDF download or Amazon Kindle.

Six Sagas of Adventure: A collection of what are called Abenteursagas or "romances". Sagas like this are set mostly in Scandinavia, in a rather nebulous Viking past. They show some influence from folktales and continental tales of chivalry. But whatever they may lack in historical reliability, they more than make up for in flash and dash. Here you'll find everything from lustful dwarves and man-eating vultures, to haughty female "maiden-kings" who take up sword and shield and scorn marriage, to priceless treasures kept in evil temples by ogre-priestesses, to shapeshifting villains and wicked sorcerors... and of course, the handsome hero always rises to the occasion and wins the princess in the end.  For centuries, these sagas kept many an Icelandic family entertained on dark and icy winter nights -- and they can do the same for you! The book is available on in a softcover print edition; and in an edition for the Kindle; and, of course, on our Lulu page (we offer a discount on printed books if you buy from Lulu).



dunna is the Troth’s quarterly journal. Each issue is organized around a theme of interest to Heathens. You’ll find a stimulating mix of work from some of the best Heathen writers and artists working today—including:

  • feature articles ranging from academic studies to personal essays
  • poetry and fiction
  • book and music reviews
  • regular columns and commentary

Issues in boldface are available as reprints through Most cost $7.25 in print, although unusually short or long issues may cost a little more or less. Reprints can also be purchased as PDF electronic files for $3.00 each (search for the titles you want). All other issues listed are still available by direct order for $6.00, while supplies last. If you're interested in an issue that isn't listed here, keep checking back; we're actively working on getting every issue reprinted.


1 (1988): vol. 1, no. 1

2 (1988): vol. 1, no. 2

3 (1988): vol. 1, no. 3

4 (1988): vol. 1, no. 4

5 (July ’89): vol. 2, no. 1

6 (Oct. ’89): vol. 2, no. 2

7 (Jan. ’90): vol. 2, no. 3

8 (Apr. ’90): vol. 2, no. 4

9 (July '90): vol. 2, no. 5

10 (Dec '90): vol. 3, no. 1

11 (Aug. ’91): vol. 3, no. 2

28 (Fall ‘95): Norse Cosmography

29 (Winter ‘95): Teutonic Social Structures

30 (Winter ‘96-7): Holda

31 (Winter ‘97): Baldr

32 (Summer ‘97): Troth

33 (Fall ‘97): Thor

34 (Winter ’97): Yule

35 (Spring ‘98): The Vanir

36 (Summer ‘98): Holy Earth

37 (Fall ‘98): Seidh

38 (Winter ‘98): Galdor

39 (Spring ‘99): Heathen Crafts

40 (Summer ‘99): Marriage

41 (Fall ‘99): Odin

42 (Winter ‘99): Wyrd

43 (Spring ‘00): Frigga

44 (Summer ‘00): Iceland

45 (Fall ‘00): Vinland

46 (Winter ‘00): Children

47 (Spring ‘01): Humor

48 (Harvest ‘01): The Sea

49 (Fall ‘01): Ancestors


50 (Winter ‘01): Celebrating the Troth

51 (Spring ‘02): Freyja

52 (Summer ‘02): Animals

53 (Fall ‘02): Music

54 (Winter ‘02): Tyr

55 (Spring ‘03): Hofs and Harrows

56 (Summer ‘03): Mead

57 (Fall ‘03): Freyr

58 (Winter ‘03): Fire & Ice

59 (Spring ‘04): Ostara

60 (Summer ‘04): Heroes

61 (Fall ‘04): Wayland Smith

62 (Winter ‘04): World Tree

63 (Spring ‘05): Poetry

64 (Summer ‘05): Viking Games

65 (Fall ‘05): Magic

66 (Winter ‘05): Jotnar

67 (Spring ‘06): Idunna

68 (Summer‘06): England

69 (Fall ‘06): Law

70 (Winter ‘06): Afterlives

71 (Spring ‘07): Walburga

72 (Summer ‘07): Runes

73 (Fall ‘07): The Land

74 (Winter ‘07): Yule Fires

75 (Spring ’08): Beowulf

76 (Summer’08): Heimdall

77 (Fall ‘08): Finland

78 (Winter ‘08): Skadi

79 (Spring ’09): Creation

80 (Summer ’09): Norway

81 (Fall ’09): Odin

82 (Winter ’09): Hospitality

83 (Spring '10): Thor



84 (Summer '10): Alfar

85 (Fall '10): Sweden

86 (Winter '10): Heathen Crafts

87 (Spring '11): Myth and Meaning

88 (Summer '11): Heathen Stew

89 (Fall '11): Sif

90 (Winter '11): The Wild Hunt

91 (Spring '12): Walpurgisnacht

92 (Summer '12): The Troth at 25

93 (Fall '12): The Isles

94 (Winter '12): Ullr

95 (Spring '13): Wights

96 (Summer '13): Humor

97 (Fall '13): Heathen Harvest

98 (Winter '13): German Yule

99 (Spring '14): Healing

100 (Summer '14): Best of Idunna

101 (Fall '14): Valkyries

102 (Winter '14): Children

103 (Spring '15): Heathen Culture

104 (Spring '15): Rune Magic


Books from We review many books and music recordings, and even the occasional movie, in Idunna. Most of these are available through our store. Here we've posted excerpts from the reviews in Idunna. We review books ranging from fiction, to children's and young adult books, to basic texts of Germanic myth and legend, to heavyweight academic scholarship. Our music reviews encompass classical, early music, folk, heavy metal -- as long as it has something to do with our religion and folkways, we'll review it. No matter what your interests, tastes, or level of knowledge, you can find something good to read or listen to here!


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The Troth is open to all who seek to know and to honor the Gods, ancestors, and values of the Germanic Heathen traditions, regardless of gender, race, nationality or sexual orientation. The Troth stands against any use of Germanic religion and culture to advance causes of racism, sexism, homophobia, white supremacy, or any other form of prejudice.