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Suggested Resources Outside of the Troth

The following links are to sites and resources outside of The Troth. They are organized into rough categories for your convenience.


General Resources

Accessible Heathenry Project:

Eldaring: (in German)

Heathens Against Hate:

Heathen Soul Lore:

Huginn’s Heathen Hof:

In-Reach Distelfink:



Old Norse

Dr. Jackson Crawford's Old Norse YouTube Channel:

Old Norse Course:


Online Book Hoards

Alaric’s Elf and Elves in Medieval England:

Germanic Lexicon Project:

Heimskringla: Old Norse Prose and Poetry:

Icelandic Saga Database:

Old English Thesaurus:

Old Norse Texts:

The Internet Sacred Texts Archive (Icelandic section): 

Viking Society for Northern Research:


Online Dictionaries

Cleasby-Vigfusson’s Icelandic-English Dictionary:

Zoega’s Concise Old Icelandic Dictionary:

English Etymology Dictionary:


Podcasts and Videos

Gifts of the Wyrd:

Heathen History: 

Rune Cast:

Saga Thing:

Three Lectures by Dr. Neil Price:


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A Note on Google Books…

Google Books ( is an online database of scanned books that are fully searchable. You can use it, for instance, to look for books on X topic, and the search engine will search the *entire text* of each book to find relevant books for you. In the search results, you are provided with a snippet from each retrieved book showing your search terms in context. Most books that are retrieved in this way cannot be read cover-to-cover on Google Books; instead, you're only granted access to the relevant snippet
and provided with links to places where the book can be bought.

However, there are many older books, no longer protected by copyright, which can be viewed cover-to-cover on Google Books and/or downloaded as a (large) PDF file. Here are a few relevant to Heathenry:

Cleasby and Vigfusson's Icelandic English Dictionary (1874):

Grimm's Teutonic Mythology, volume I (1880):

Grimm's Teutonic Mythology, volume II (1883):

Grimm's Teutonic Mythology, volume III (1883):

Grimm's Teutonic Mythology, volume IV (1888):

To find a specific book on Google Books can be tricky, given the sheer number of books in the database (including multiple copies, from different libraries, of the same book). Using the Advanced Search ( can help with that, as it allows you to search by book title, author, ISBN, etc. If you only want to get books that can be read / downloaded *in full*, then be sure to use the Advanced Search and click the radio button for "Full view only". For example, to find Grimm's Teutonic Mythology, you can search by Author (Grimm), Title (Teutonic Mythology), and with "Full view only" clicked. This approach alone is not perfect, however, as it only lists Volume IV in the initial search results - which is why the Other Editions feature in the book record is so useful. You can find the Other Editions feature in the main PDF display of the book on Google Books - look down the right hand side until you find it.

Clicking "show more" there, you will be taken to similar search results, from which, in this case, all of the volumes of Teutonic Mythology can be found.