Troth Kindred Program

The Troth Kindred Program (TKP) exists to provide local and regional representation of The Troth.
Requirements and Responsibilities:
  • It is a requirement that three-fifths of the membership of an applying kindred are active Full members (minimum of one year) of The Troth. For example, if your kindred has ten members, then six (three-fifths) of those members must be Full members of The Troth.
  • TKP kindreds must hold at least one Troth-sponsored public event annually.
  • The Troth assists KAP kindreds with advice and financing of the required public event.
  • KAP kindreds can hear oaths on behalf of The Troth as an organization.
  • In addition to individual Troth members' votes, KAP kindreds each have one vote in Troth elections.
If you are interested in joining the Kindred Affiliation Program, please see our Application Form page.