Heathens Against Hate

Team Leads:

Managers: Robert L. Schreiwer, Eric Thorpe-Moscon
HAH Public Relations Officer: Ethan Stark

Website: https://hah.thetroth.org/

Heathens Against Hate functions under the Public Relations Team, with officers appointed by the Rede from among the Heathens Against Hate membership. The group Heathens Against Hate will serve the broader Heathen community under Troth sponsorship to build cooperation amongst inclusive Heathen groups, to counter the misuse of our faith, its gods, symbols, or lore to promote racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia or any other form of willful hatred against identifiable minorities in our society.

Membership of Heathens Against Hate will be open to heathens from any community whose core values agree with HAH mission statement, as well as solitary or unaffiliated heathens who hold with these values. Membership will be at the discretion of the HAH directors, with disputes being dealt with through the sponsoring Troth leadership.

As our faith in ancient times was renowned for its ability to build and foster community from diverse tribes and cultures, so do we in this and every generation to come reaffirm our intent to move towards a more frithful future where our own Heathen faith can take its place beside the many other religious and cultural practices of our neighbors in mutual respect. Heathens Against Hate will not simply work towards promoting cooperation among inclusive Heathen groups, but cooperation between like minded groups of other faiths to promote the sharing of ideas, the building of understanding and good relations between people of good faith, from whatever religious tradition or none, that make up our communities and nations.

For hatred to flourish, all that is necessary is for ignorance to take root unopposed. Heathens against Hate is a tool for the Heathen community to come together and fight this ignorance, to combat the propagation of hatred by speaking out against ignorance and hatred wherever it is found, and by sharing good information, to replace fear of the unknown, with trust of the known and proven.

The Troth will undertake the leadership of this program with the understanding that this mission statement will be unalterable without joint approval of HAH and Troth leadership;

“Heathens against Hate opposes the use of heathen lore, symbols, gods or culture for the promotion, propagation, justification or glorification of hatred, persecution, or intolerance of others based on race, gender identity, country of origin, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation”