Dianne Luark Ross

In memory of Troth Elder Dianne Luark Ross, who passed away on June 27, 2018

 As Kveldulf Gundarsson put it in the dedication to the first edition of Our Troth, “Shope of the Troth 1989-91, Dianne edited Idunna  at great personal cost through our darkest years. No one gave more or worked harder. She kept the Troth alive till our spring.”

 In later years she was not able to travel much, but she did attend the 25th Trothmoot at Camp Netimus in 2012, and shared her enthusiasm and her tales. She will be missed.  A memorial service is being planned for August 11, “somewhere between San Antonio and Austin”.


Golden apples grow in her garden,

She alone knows how to tend the apples,

The good of the fruit gives to her sib

Everlasting, never-aging youth,

But sick and pale their bloom would sink,

Old and weak they would fade away,

If they had to do without Freia.

Richard Wagner, Rheingold, I, ii