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2nd Annual Carolina Moot



Sat, 12/21/2013 - 20:40


Ewicher Yeeger / The Eternal Hunter

Here is a bit of living Heathen lore relevant to this time of year from the Urglaawe tradition in Pennsylvania.


The Troth and In-Reach Upcoming Events

The Troth will have an information and sales table at two events on October 5. The table will serve as an In-Reach book drop at each event.

South Jersey Pagan Pride Day at the Distelfink/Troth table.

Heemet Fescht at Kutztown University at the Distelfink/Troth table.

Troth at Greater Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day

First Philadelphia, then Southern New Hampshire, and now Pittsburgh!

The Troth will have a strong presence at Greater Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day this Saturday, September 14, 2013.

Renowned Heathen author and Troth Clergy Coordinator Diana Paxson will be the Keynote Presenter at this event.

NYC City Councilman Dan Halloran's Relationship to The Troth

It has been noted that Dan Halloran (a/k/a O’Halloran) recently opened a blog page on a major Pagan website, where he states prominently that he is an Elder in The Troth. He is recorded as a Clergyman and Elder of our organization, but he has been neither active nor involved for several years.  Mr. Halloran was recently accused of felonious acts.  If he is found guilty, Troth disciplinary procedures will be enacted. In the meantime, Mr. Halloran’s status as Troth Clergy and Elder has been suspended pending the outcome of these legal issues.

"Heil Dir, Holle"

At Trothmoot 2013 in Tehachapi, California, folks were treated to a wonderful experience at Leticia Andreas' Holle Weih. In a combined Urglaawe and German Heathen rite, Troth Elder Birgit Knorr shared her song, Heil Dir, Holle, with the group. The participants felt the power around them rise as she sang her song.

Thanks to Jan Hijatt and Birgit, the song is now available on YouTube.

We are fortunate in The Troth to have so many musically talented members producing the songs of Heathenry!

Troth Elections and Officer Oaths

Hail all!

The results of The Troth elections were announced today at Trothmoot 2013. The results are as follows:


Steve Abell


Robert Lusch Schreiwer


Lisa Morgenstern

Gari Farmer

John T. Mainer

Additionally, some other Officer positions were announced or renewed:


Bari Mandelbaum (formal oath-taking only was needed)


Tanya Petersen


Right Wing Pagan Intellectual Suicide in Notre Dame

It is with great distress that The Troth reads of the suicide of Dominique Venner in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, on May 21, 2013.  


As most of our membership knows, The Troth is currently in the early stages of a complete overhaul to the organization's website (

The purpose of this blog is not to replace the current website. Instead, it will serve as an easy-to-update resource to keep Troth members informed of various organizational positions on issues that relate to daily Heathen living. 


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