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Disaster Relief: The Red Hammer Project

Hail the Troth



2017 Troth Scholarship Award

The recommendation of the Scholarship Committee (Chaired by Ryan Denison) is to give Brodin Jones the 2017 Troth Scholarship toward his studies in Nursing. His cover letter and essay are exemplary. His goal is to be a part of a system to help mentally disabled persons from a young age. This truly is a noble goal!

The Rede has approved this recommendation and is awarding Brodin $1,500 from our Scholarship Fund.

Thank you to all who have contributed to that fund over the years.


Inclusive Heathenry


Race & Religion, by Gamlinginn

This paper was first written by Troth Elder Alex "Gamlinginn" Jerome, whose life we celebrated at a memorial blòt at his Thorshof temple in New Mexico this past weeekend.


    by Gamlinginn

    (This article © first appeared in "MOUNTAIN THUNDER" magazine, issue # 8, Spring 1993.)


Troth Commentary on Alt-Right March in Charlottesville, VA

From Robert L. Schreiwer, Steer of The Troth, August 14, 2017:


NEW and ORIGINAL Hávamál and Rígsthula Publications!

These are NEW and ORIGINAL translations of Hávamál and of Rígsthula by Ben himself! 


We have the honor and pleasure to announce that the Troth has just released a pocket-sized edition (4.25” x 6.88”, or 108 x 175 mmm) of the complete Hávamál, in a new translation. At only 52 pages, it’s small enough to tuck anywhere—and yet we managed to include not just the full text of the longest poem in the Edda, but some pretty extensive notes to help you through the text.


Trothmoot 2017

Hail to the lovely folks at Crowder State Park for giving us a venue in which the facilities were very accessible and accommodating, the local wights were overwhelmingly welcoming in a natural beauty that teemed with life, and yet didn't’t seem overly inclined to snack upon us who guested.



From: In-Reach Heathen Prison Services, The Troth
May 31st, 2017

PHILADELPHIA, PA: In the wake after the Portland, Oregon, train attack on May 26, 2017, it has come to the attention of In-Reach Heathen Prison Services that there are indicators that the alleged perpetrator came to Odinism while incarcerated. In-Reach is reminded of the scope of its mission and the need to engage more community organizations within and beyond the Heathen community in the face of the virulent form of racist Odinism that has taken root in many prison facilities throughout the United States.


Senseless terrorist attack in Manchester UK


Deeds Not Words

By Lagaria Farmer, Redeswoman

Editorial Note: The language is barracks, those of you of civilian or sensitive backgrounds may be offended, but where both she and I come from, this is how the truth is laid out.

Don’t Be a Dick (Or, How to Be an Inclusive Heathen)



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