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Loki Policy Survey

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will find the following email in your mailbox that is associated with your Troth account. If you did not receive the email and are on an Active account, you may use the link below to access the survey. To take the survey, one must have been an Active member as of 11/27/18.


Hail The Troth!

Last year, the organization conducted a survey that included a question with multiple answers about hailing Loki at Troth events.


Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting: Latest cost of empowering hate

At 9:54 AM on October 27, the joyous occasion of a baby-naming ceremony at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh was shattered when a lone gunman entered with the intent of committing a hate crime. This murderer chose to target the Jewish congregation during their worship services for brutal slayings to further his own racist agenda.


Donation in Honor of Victims of Tree of Life Synagogue Massacre

The horror of the murders at the Tree of Life Synagogue has shaken the nation, leaving many of us to wonder how we may help. Two of the victims of this shooting, brothers Cecil and David Rosenthal, were personal acquaintances of members of the Pittsburgh-area Hearth of Yggdrasil.


Red Hammer Donations to Hurricane Michael Relief

Red Hammer is accepting donations that will be passed on to qualified service providers in the areas affected by Hurricane Michael. 

Please visit and choose Disaster Relief Services - Red Hammer - Hurricane Michael to make a donation. All money donated is passed on to local relief agencies.

Hail, and thank you!


Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

The Troth condemns the murder of innocents in a synagogue in Pittsburgh today.

As more information emerges, we will see whether/how we may be of assistance to the community as it recovers.

Edit: For those on Facebook, a fundraiser (not of Troth origin) is in process to aid the community. Please visit:


Hail and Farewell Dianne Ross

It is with sorrow that The Troth announced the death of one of our honored Elders Dianne Ross who left Midgard on 27 June 2018.  At her request as communicated by her daughter Lara Gillispie, our own Steer Robert Lusch Schreiwer will be speaking at her funeral on 25 August.


Freya Aswynn removal

The Troth’s stance on inclusive Heathenry is enshrined within our Bylaws, the mandatory oaths of our Officers, our status as a signatory to Declaration 127, and our work within Heathens Against Hate. We hold as sacred within our halls that hatred or bigotry based on race, gender, orientation, ability or faith is abhorrent in the sight of the gods and in the eyes of our ancestors. 


The Big Lie

Pedophilia is being used to generate and more callously, to sanctify the promotion of hatred against LGBTQ people here in North America by a right wing that actually knows they are lying, because they know it will work.


On Current Issue of Family Separation and Child Incarceration:

While The Troth recognizes the complexity of the immigration issue, the organization condemns the separation of families and the incarceration of children. We call upon Congress and the White House to end this inhumane policy, to stop using these children to score political points, and to work together to develop sensible immigration laws.


Sagas of Imagination

The Troth is pleased to announce the publication of our largest and most ambitious translation project yet: _Sagas of Imagination_. This book presents no fewer than eleven sagas and six shorter texts, carefully translated and annotated by Ben Waggoner, some of them never before translated into English. These sagas chart the development of literary fantasy in medieval Iceland.



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