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Thu, 11/10/2016 - 14:23

Out of the Shadows

When I began to write about the amazing women in Heathenry, one of the goals that I had was to cause them to raise their own voices, to tell their own tales. I have been honoured by a young lady of some accomplishment. She is not free to be openly Heathen in her public life, and I respect that. There are real world consequences for the intolerance of others, not all of which we can even pretend to be immune to.

Declaration 127

The Troth has signed onto Declaration 127. This act represents the organizational entity of The Troth deciding not to associate with the AFA as an entity on a business level. We do not police what our individual members, Stewards, or other officeholders do unless it violates the frith of the hall.

Just a Note...

The Troth stands by its Mission and its position as a leader in inclusive Heathenry. As a leading voice in Heathenry, it is important that we are clear in our actions and our deeds. Rumors are circulating that The Troth was somehow responsible for the AFA losing use of the site at Camp Courage. This is not the case at all.
When searching Twitter for posts on Asatru Folk Assembly, these tweets immediately come up:

Official Note from The Troth

The Troth is open to all who seek to know and to honor the Gods, ancestors, and values of the Germanic Heathen traditions, regardless of gender, race, nationality or sexual orientation. The Troth stands against any use of Germanic religion and culture to advance causes of racism, sexism, homophobia, white supremacy, or any other form of prejudice.

Completed Repairs

The Troth has completed some repairs to the Forgot Password feature when logging in and has begun also to post new items to the Members Area.

Please do visit the Members Area, and we are happy to take original (or public domain) articles for sharing in the Members Area Library (Documents > Basic > Library). Please contact the Steer if you wish to contribute!

We are also seeking members with writing skills to help us to update the verbiage on our webpages.

Thank you!

What's New in The Troth?

The Troth leadership has plans to make the organization more proactive. During the last several meetings of the High Rede (Board of Directors), several new committees have been created to help to propel the organization forward.

Most of these teams are executing their duties on Facebook, where the consistent presence of most of our members makes collaboration easy. The ongoing committees will also have an email-based group within The Troth's organizational structure.

Some of the publicly-accessible groups are the following:

The Troth


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