The Troth's Statement in Support of Latin American Heathens

The Troth has been around since 1987, so we have seen and heard a lot of things. Being Pagan for this long, we’d like to think very few things can truly still shock us.

Recently, a series of messages containing not only slurs but actual threats against Latin American Heathens has shocked us. Both in the language used and the bitter vitriol behind those words.

Further, that these messages came from Ivy Mulligan, a prominent American Heathen who rose to prominence as the Director of Religious Affairs for The Asatru Community strikes deeply at the heart of the Problem: Not that people hide their true intentions, but that when the warning signs are there, even when they are shouted at us, too often we ignore them or push them aside for the sake of keeping the peace and boosting our membership numbers.

Let’s make this absolutely clear: Latin American Heathens are part of our tradition. They are Asatru. They are Forn Sed. They are part of our history and part of our future.

And they have fought hard to get recognition not only from their own communities at home in Latin America but also fought to be recognized as equals in some Asatru Communities in North America as well—a struggle they share with Latinx Heathens in the USA.

We know why. The legacy of white nationalism in Asatru casts a long shadow. While sunlight is often the best disinfectant (though it often reveals things that rightly disgust us) we ought to take steps to actually inoculate ourselves and our communities against such reprehensible world views.

In the next few days, we want to highlight the contributions of Latin American Heathens. We are proud to call them friends and fellow Heathens.