Official Statement on the Events Today at the US Capital

Today, the world has witnessed an unprecedented scene of violence and terror in complete disregard for the safety of Congresspeople, law enforcement, and an entire city. These events were driven by bigotry and hate. Furthermore, several of those who have been most visible in these events have also been bearing symbols many of us hold very dear and even sacred.


The Troth condemns the events today by all who committed acts of violence and terror in the strongest manner possible. We support all who seek to voice disagreements peacefully, and condemn any attempt by governments to suppress peaceful protest. We condemn the misinformation and hateful rhetoric that drives these events. Our community stands available to assist those in Washington DC who may need to speak with clergy or have other needs due to this event.


Tonight, we join with faith leaders from around the globe in a prayer for peace to settle over the United States and that a calm and orderly transition of power continues.