Troth Statement on the Attempted Bombing of Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, Colorado

The Troth, an international Heathen organization, has issued a statement regarding the recent plot by Richard Holzer to blow up Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, Colorado:

The Troth strongly condemns anyone who would want to prohibit the free exercise of religion by use of terrorism. While Mr. Holzer might wear the emblem of Heathenry, he does not hold the values of inclusive Heathenry or organizations such as the Troth, and its programs such as Heathens Against Hate. Everyone deserves to worship in the way they choose without fear of harm coming to them. We offer our support and thoughts to Temple Emanuel and are grateful for the FBI agents who worked to prevent what could have been a tragedy.  

The Troth also strongly opposes the statement made in the FBI affidavit stating Mr. Holzer had received “various white supremacy paraphernalia as gifts for the UCs, including a flag, several patches, a metal Thor’s hammer and a mask.” The Thor’s Hammer, also known as a Mjolnir, is a sacred symbol in our religion, and worn by Heathens across the world. It is not a symbol of hate, but symbol of those of us who are of the Heathen faith.