Loki Ban Rescinded - Idunna Blót - TKP Thew - Rituals at Troth-Sponsored Events

The High Rede of The Troth in its Q42018 Rede Meeting has deliberated on various issues related to the ban on the hailing of Loki at Troth-sponsored events. That ban is hereby officially rescinded. Loki may be hailed freely at Grand Sumbel and at any Troth-sponsored event with the following considerations applying:


- TKP Kindred thew is sovereign. If a TKP kindred is hosting a Troth-sponsored event, the kindred's rules, etiquette, and culture will determine how and whom may be hailed as long as the determination is consistent with The Troth's Position Statement.

- Because Idunna is the Patroness of The Troth and deserves to be recognized and honored in that role, the Idunna Blót at Trothmoot will be reserved for hailing Idunna only (solely Idunna by any of Her known names). Note: This only applies to the official, annual Idunna Blót at Trothmoot; other  Idunna Blóts may follow the rules established by the ritual’s leader.

- The Loki ban lasted ten years, but its original verbiage has not been found in organizational Minutes. As such, as Schuld to Laufeyson and to our members whom the ban impacted, the organization will hold an official Loki Blót for the next ten Trothmoots in a prime time slot. After the tenth Trothmoot, Loki Blóts may be held as any other blót or Sege, and the timing of the Blót will become adjustable to meet scheduling needs.

- Outside of Grand Sumbel, Idunna Blót, and TKP-hosted events, the designated leader of any ritual at any Troth-sponsored event shall determine the content of that ritual, include whom it is appropriate to hail, as long as the determination is consistent with The Troth's policy statement. This should encourage more people to volunteer to lead rituals at Troth-sponsored events.

The full verbiage of each motion has been announced in Troth fora and will be published in the Minutes in Mimir's Well

Robert L. Schreiwer
On behalf of the High Rede of The Troth