Loki Policy Survey

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will find the following email in your mailbox that is associated with your Troth account. If you did not receive the email and are on an Active account, you may use the link below to access the survey. To take the survey, one must have been an Active member as of 11/27/18.


Hail The Troth!

Last year, the organization conducted a survey that included a question with multiple answers about hailing Loki at Troth events.

The subject of hailing Loki has been a hot-button issue since the ban on doing so was first put into place in 2008. The leadership would like to know where our current members stand on this topic. As such, we have created a short follow-up survey that focuses solely on the hailing of Loki. The results of this survey, while not binding on the organization, will aid the Rede in the discussion and debate process in the next quarterly Rede meeting.

The survey will remain open from December 1 through December 14, so we urge members to take it as soon as possible. The results will be published prior to the beginning of Yule, but the decision of the Rede will not be until the meeting begins in January.

Please take the survey at:
You will be required to log into the website prior to taking it. You can reset your password at:
and your email for the reset is the one at which you received the message.

Again, although this is not a binding referendum, the results of this survey will provide important information and insight to the Rede during the decision-making process.

We understand the complexity of this topic and ask that everyone take the whole of the community as well as oneself into consideration when answering the questions.

Thank you,

The High Rede of The Troth