Disaster Relief: The Red Hammer Project

Hail the Troth

It is not enough to pray for people in need, we are Heathens, and our gods and ancestors expect us to match our belief with word and deed, and for that purpose The Troth has established the Red Hammer Disaster relief project.  Beginning with Hurricane Harvey and Irma, and the wildfires that are burning through much of the Pacific Northwest, both in Canada and the United States, the Red Hammer is collecting funds to distribute to the groups on the ground administering aid to those in need.

Think globally but act locally is the spirit in which the Troth has long been organized, and with that in mind we are working with our local members to determine who is best addressing their needs on the ground and making sure those agencies receive the aid money we collect. 

As Heathens, we are not the majority population in any region, but we are proud members not only of our larger Heathen community but of our local communities as well, their needs are our needs, their pain is our pain.  We do not look to target our aid towards our Heathen members, but to all in the affected communities.  Where the need is greatest is where the Hammer will be felt.

Through the Red Hammer you can be part of coming together with other Heathens to help in the face of the disasters facing us, using the collective strength of the community to make a real difference.  You are also able to determine how that aid will be directed, as once you follow the donation link


You will be offered the choice between

For Harvey relief: Choose "Harvey Disaster Relief Fund "Red Hammer"" option. All funds go to Harvey.

For Irma and Wildfire relief: "Disaster Relief Program Donations (other than Harvey)." These funds will be split in half at the end of the drive.

Thor is the defender of mankind, it is his strength as symbolized by his mighty hammer Mjolnir which defends our lands from the Jottun of fire, ice, and storm.  We ask his aid and his prayers, but we do not pray for what we to not also work for.  Our people in the south and in the north are in need, there are people displaced from their homes, whose homes and livelihoods are destroyed.  We ask the gods for their support, but we take this opportunity to come together as a community and show our own support.

The Red Hammer is a tool for the Heathen community to come together and act to aid those in our communities who are suffering from natural disasters.  There will be more disasters that will fall upon our far-flung folk in the future, and they will find the Red Hammer again raised in protection.

I urge those who are able to give as they can, those who are in areas affected by disasters please give us your feedback about who is on the ground providing you aid and support so that those hands doing the most for your community can have our support in the doing.  For those who are not able to support at this time, I ask that you simply remember when the next disaster arises that you have an avenue open where your contribution can not only make a difference, but make it clear to the larger community that this aid comes from the Heathens in their community.  Let the larger community not only receive the aid we have always given as individuals, but let them see that this aid comes from the Heathen community, to promote a better understanding of the part we have always played in our local communities.