Troth Commentary on Alt-Right March in Charlottesville, VA

From Robert L. Schreiwer, Steer of The Troth, August 14, 2017:

I'm working on some ideas with the leaders of other inclusive Heathen organizations. The events in Charlottesville are so shocking and repugnant that they cannot go without comment or action, even if the action is many of us engaging in smaller acts. Honestly, the dichotomy of Saturday was jarring. On the one hand, we had a community turn out in loving honor of one of the earliest voices of inclusive Heathenry. And then we had this destructive expression of hatred in Virginia. That some of our symbols were visible among the forces of hatred at this event makes it that much more loathsome.

The Troth holds fast to its policies of inclusion, which means we stand against those who would sully our deities' reputations by utilizing our symbols, and, by extension, our religion, to advance causes of racism and bigotry. This applies to the rise of fascist elements in the US, Canada, Europe... everywhere. Let us continue to assert our viewpoints and beliefs and to bring our deities and our ancestors -- regardless of origin -- bright fame.

Hail The Troth!


Note: This statement has the official backing of the High Rede of The Troth. This is official commentary.