NEW and ORIGINAL Hávamál and Rígsthula Publications!

These are NEW and ORIGINAL translations of Hávamál and of Rígsthula by Ben himself! 


We have the honor and pleasure to announce that the Troth has just released a pocket-sized edition (4.25” x 6.88”, or 108 x 175 mmm) of the complete Hávamál, in a new translation. At only 52 pages, it’s small enough to tuck anywhere—and yet we managed to include not just the full text of the longest poem in the Edda, but some pretty extensive notes to help you through the text.

And we did something else. For every copy of the new Hávamál that you purchase, the Troth will donate a copy to prison ministry (through In-Reach) or to military ministry (through the Open Halls Project). Yes, we are now the Toms Shoes of Heathenry.

Oh, and by the way, I dusted off my old Rigsthula translation and published that, too. Same deal: you buy one, we’ll donate one.

We’ll be getting the e-book editions out over the next few days, and in a few weeks the books should be listed on Amazon. But as of right now, these small yet helpful volumes can be previewed and purchased at: — Hávamál: $6.00 — Rígsthula: $5.00

- Ben Waggoner, Shope, The Troth.

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