A Tale of Santa

When I became a Heathen parent, the question of how I was to treat the holdiays became a critical one to answer.  My children were raised in a Heathen household, yet went to public schools in a society that was largely current or post Christian, so at least socialize with largely Western Christian traditions, even if fairly secularized in practice.  Now I could demand we ignore the world and do things our way, and isolate my children, or I could choose to bridge the gap.  What we in the west celebrate is mostly Yule already.  Santa is a barely disguised Yule Father, so rather than re-invent the wheel, we decided to bridge the gap between the Yule father that is, and the Santa they know.  Put the sacral reason back in the season, and we can celebrate along side our friends and neighbors, understanding the sacred purpose of what we are all doing already.