Standing with Standing Rock

November 23, many Heathens will be posting this to their timeline to show support for the peaceful protesters at Standing Rock.

This is a divisive issue, and by no means one clear enough that the Troth as an organization can have an organizational stance. Individual Troth members who feel strongly are invited to share their thoughts, as I am now.

The Sioux of Standing Rock and their allies are protesting the construction of a pipeline that passes within a half mile of their lands, and they feel threatens their watershed. The $3.7 billion Dakota Access pipeline is meant to carry crude oil from the Bakken fields of western North Dakota to Illinois, 1,170 miles to the east. In support of the Sioux stance, the pipeline was redirected towards Native land after Federal Regulators felt it represented a threat to Bismark ND

While we have witnessed violence of the basest kind from both sides of the recent Presidential Election, the protesters at Standing Rock have remained peaceful. These peaceful protesters are being subjected to escalating attack and harassment by authorities in what I find impossible to view as anything but a travesty of justice, abuse of both authority and process.

This is not the first time that leaders have sought wealth above the needs of their folk. In our lore, King Frodhi was given the gift of a millstone and two Jottun maidens to turn it. From this mill would come gold. In his endless greed, he drove them to grind day and night without rest, ignoring his duties to them, ignoring everything in his quest for more gold They were ordered to grind on, and in turn released their curses and ground his doom upon that same millstone.

Many Heathens have come together to show that we learned the lessons of King Frodhi's Millstones, and will be sharing this video on their feed tomorrow. I know that I will

John T Mainer
Redesman, Western Canadian and Military Steward of The Troth