Six Sagas of Adventure

We are proud and pleased to announce the publication of Six Sagas of Adventure, a collection of Icelandic sagas translated into English and available under one cover for the first time!

Six Sagas of Adventure is a collection of what are called Abenteursagas or "romances". Sagas like this are set mostly in Scandinavia, in a rather nebulous Viking past. They show some influence from folktales and continental tales of chivalry. But whatever they may lack in historical reliability, they more than make up for in flash and dash.Here you'll find everything from lustful dwarves and man-eating vultures, to haughty female "maiden-kings" who take up sword and shield and scorn marriage, to priceless treasures kept in evil temples by ogre-priestesses, to shapeshifting villains and wicked sorcerors... and of course, the handsome hero always rises to the occasion and wins the princess in the end. For centuries, these sagas kept many an Icelandic family entertained on dark and icy winter nights -- and they can do the same for you!

The six sagas in question are The Saga of King Gautrek, its sequel The Saga of Hrolf Gautreksson, The Saga of Bosi and Herraud, The Saga of Sturlaug the Hard-Working, its sequel The Saga of Hrolf the Walker, and The Saga of Hromund Gripsson. As a sort of "bonus track", we've also included an earlier version of The Saga of King Gautrek known as The Tale of Gift-Ref and the Valley Fools, which has never before been translated into English in full. Many of these sagas are out of print or hard to find elsewhere.

A thorough introduction and notes, plus a full bibliography, greatly enhance this book's usefulness as a scholarly resource. On the other hand, it's also a fun read if you just want to kick back with some swashbuckling Viking tales. Check it out!

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