Trothmoot 2014

June 12-June 15

Osage Hills State Park in Pawhuska, Oklahoma is a sprawling natural property offering beautiful views, hundreds of trails, waterfalls, and air conditioned cabins!

The upper level of the group site holds the main hall, which is equipped with a full kitchen and bathrooms. Surrounding the main hall are an open grass field, a fire pit and a paved area with picnic tables.

The cabin area occupies the lower level of the group site and is accessible from a paved path leading from the main hall and several natural trails leading from the fire pit. The lower level holds 10 cabins with bunk style bedding for up to 12 in each. The cabins are equipped with lighting, electrical outlets, full doors/windows and heating units.

For more information please email the planning committee at

Registration Form for Attendees, Workshops, and Vendors (in .DOCX format)

Registration Form for Attendees, Workshops, and Vendors (in .PDF format)

Trothmoot 2014 Frequently-Asked Questions

Planning to bring a ve?

Ve (ON plural and singular), or shrines, to a number of chosen Gods and/or Goddesses at Trothmoot 2014. There we will be able to enjoy private moments in worship. Activities at the Vé will not be on the Trothmoot schedule; rather they are informally arranged by members. The Trothmoot Committee will determine the location of the Vé and coordinate which Vé will be built. Any deliberate damaging of Vé or attempts to disrupt devotions will result in the removal of the offender(s) as well as any applicable disciplinary actions determined by the Rede. In conformance with our Position Statement, any hailing of Fenris, Surt, Jormungandr, and allied wights (excluding Loki) remain forbidden anywhere at Trothmoot and other Troth-sponsored events.

Let the Trothmoot Committee know which Gods or Goddesses you would like to see a Ve for, or better yet, offer to help the Committee with Trothmoot in any way you see fit! Thank you once again to those who help plan and those who attend Trothmoot.

To contact the planning committee please email us at Or message us on our Facebook event page.

Hail the Troth!