Lesson Eight: Heathen Esoterica

"Teutonic Magic" - KveldulfR Gundarsson
"FUTHARK: A Handbook of Rune Magic" - Edred Thorsson
"Taking up the Runes" - Diana Paxson
"A Source-book of Seid" - Stephen Flowers and James Chisholm *OR* 'Trolldomr in Early Medieval Scandaniva,' by Catharina Raudvere. (In: Ankarloo B & Clark S, editors. Witchcraft & Magic in Europe: The Middle Ages. 2002. pgs 73-172.)
"Elves, Wights, and Trolls" - KveldulfR Gundarsson
"Northern Magic" - Edred Thorsson
"Rudiments of Runelore" - Stephen Pollington
"Nine Worlds of Seid-Magic" - Jenny Blain



  1. Create a chart listing the various futharks, the letters associated with them, and their most general meanings. What insights do you have on each rune, based on your understanding of heathen ways?
  2. Define seidhr (seid). Is seidhr spae? Are they one and the same, or distinct parts of an overall whole? How were seidhworkers viewed by our ancestors (positive and negative)?
  3. What is the place of folklore? What charms do you use in every day life, and why do you use them?