Lore Program - Introduction to Heathenism


Welcome to Asatru. Perhaps you are beginning your journey as a heathen. Maybe you are an “interested bystander,” someone who may not be heathen but who knows heathens or is interested in learning more about our religion. Who knows, perhaps you are somewhere in between! In any event, this online, self-study program is for you. It is our hope that, as you work through the readings, essays, and sample questions, you will develop a fuller understanding of Asatru and what it means to be heathen in a modern context.

This course is designed to be both a stand-alone course and one which utilizes a book written by The Troth’s Warder of the Lore, Kveldulf Gundarsson. The Elder Troth: An Introductory Course of Study, can be purchased as either a download or a “hard copy” via The Troth’s Lulu Store, found here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/thetroth.

It is our hope that working through both this online course and Elder Gundarsson’s book will provide further depth of understanding.
Again, welcome to Asatru! Luck to you on your journey.

The Lore Program