Updated Bibliography

Update for the Elder Troth: An Introductory Course of Study

            In the years since The Elder Troth was written, new translations of the Eddas have appeared, new books about Heathenry have been published, and older books and editions have fallen out of print. Most notably, Kveldulf’s Teutonic Religion has become difficult to find.  The Elder Troth also refers to the page numbers of particular translations, rather than chapters, that work with any edition or translation. Current students may therefore wish to substitute readings from other, more recent offerings.  This document provides suggestions on how to do so.


Recommended Translations

            The best translation of the Prose Edda remains that of Anthony Faulkes from the Everyman Library (1995).  The Penguin translation by Jesse Byock (2005) is also extremely good.

            Carolyne Larrington offers an excellent prose translation of the Poetic Edda (Oxford 1996, revised 2014.)  Lee Hollander’s translation of the Poetic Edda remains very popular among heathens, because it is a poetic rendering in Germanic-style verse.  Beginners may, however, find it difficult to understand, for that very reason. 

            The best current translation of the Eyrbyggja Saga is by Paulson and Edwards from Penguin.

            You should avoid older, out-of-copyrights translations available on the internet.  These are often repackaged and reprinted as inexpensive editions, but they reflect badly out-of-date scholarship.  Be especially careful purchasing editions on line to be sure you’re getting the right thing.


Introductory Guides

            Kveldulf’s Teutonic Religion remains serviceable and useful. This pioneering work helped shape early Heathenry, even if it no longer entirely reflects the direction the religion has grown.

            Our Troth (2nd ed., 2 volumes) represents several decades of scholarship by the Troth.  It is highly recommended as your go-to substitute for the older Teutonic Religion.  It is however, more of an intermediate-level reference than a quick introduction.

            Essential Ásatru is a short introduction to the religion by the Troth’s Diana Paxson.

            Patricia M. Lafayllve’s A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Asatru is an introductory work by one of the founders of the Troth’s Lore Program.

            You may find that it makes more sense to read these works straight through, rather than piece by piece.  Feel free to do so.