Lesson Five: Cosmology



  • The Poetic Edda:
    • Völuspá (“The Seeress's Prophecy”)
    • Grímnismál (“Grímnir's Sayings”)
    • Baldrs draumar (“Baldr's Dreams”)

Select one of the following introductory guides:

  • A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Ásatrú
    • Six: Creation and Cosmology


  • Essential Ásatrú
    • 10. Living Tru


Lesson One Essays, Provided
~Musings on Fire, Ice and the Importance of Salt - Patricia Lafayllve


  1. Consider the importance of Auðumla in the creation myth. How does having a cow feed the first being play itself out in what was, essentially, a cattle-culture? How does the importance of cattle to our ancestors impact us in the modern day? Write down your thoughts.
  2. Meditate on the subject of wyrd. How do the patterns of others impact your life, and how does your life impact the patterns of others? As you meditate, look back on your own past actions, and try to see where they have made you what you are, and how they will impact what you would like to become.
  3. What are the nine worlds? Where are they located, and what are their aspects? Who lives where?
  4. What are the different halls of the gods listed in the Grímnismál? What can we learn about them?


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