Terror Attack in Christchurch, NZ


We, the undersigned organizations, condemn the atrocious terror attacks against the Muslim community in Christchurch, New Zealand. The heinous taking of these innocent lives, particularly in their house of worship, is beyond words. It is an abomination.

The perpetrator had written on 8chan (source article removed to respect NZ law on dissemination of the video): 

“I will carry out and attack against the invaders, and will even live stream the attack via facebook,” he wrote, with a link to his Facebook page. “If I don’t survive the attack, goodbye, godbless and I will see you all in Valhalla!” 

Acts of cowardice and the merciless slaughter of innocents are NOT how one gets to Valhalla.

The perpetrator's actions are a disgrace. Through his thoughts, words, and deeds, he has besmirched the reputations of our gods and goddesses. There is no excuse or rationalization for the evil that he has committed. This is not what Heathenry believes or stands for.

Our hearts go out to the people of Christchurch and to the families and loved ones of the victims. 

Hail to the fallen.

The Troth Hottenstein Freibesitz Hrafnarfjall
Heathens Against Hate Police Pagan Association Hrafnarfjall Mead Hall
Distelfink Sippschaft Hrafn Skjoldr Kindred Children of Loki
Alliance for Inclusive Heathenry North River Kindred Heathen Hall of the Low Country
Huginn's Heathen Hof Dragon's Weyr Circle (California) Three Bridges Kindred
Asatru UK Gifts of the Wyrd Loki's Wyrdlings
British Columbia Heathen Freehold Raudhajordh Kindred Wells of Yggdrasil
Verein für Germanisches Heidentum Hrafnar Tear of the Cloud Grove, ADF
Yggdrasil.one Hendon Heathens Weisser Hund Freibesitz
Open Halls Project The Kith of the Tree and the Well Eldaring e.V., Germany
Raven Moon Hearth Dawn of the Oak Heathen Underground
Melbourne Heathen Moot BrambleForge Kindred Hart's Horn
North Star Kindred Kindred of Mann Runehof Asatru Kindred
Great Valley Kindred Grundsau Protogrove, ADF Church of Odin - Arizona Heathenry
Bloroiger Freibesitz Vindisir Kindred Black Bear Kindred
Rainbow Kindred Cascadia Freehold Sheathenry
Minnesota Heathens Cherry Hill Seminary Völva Stav Guild


The Troth's Red Hammer team is taking up a monetary donation drive to aid the victims of this attack. 


Choose "Disaster Relief Program Donations (Red Hammer) - Christchurch, New Zealand, Terror Attacks

Thank you!

(To be added to the list, please email steer@thetroth.org;
include name of the organization and website address (FB group is ok)



My heart breaks for the victims, their families, and for a world where these atrocities happen. My heart breaks that this monster claimed affiliation with our beliefs which teach respect and  tolerance for all faiths.

Hail the fallen.  Hail their kinfolk.