Program Coordinators: Esoteric Program Provost

The Esoteric Program Provost administers the Esoteric Program. The Provost should be skilled in magic, devotional ritual creation, trance work, and some physical crafts. They should also have wide-ranging experience with multiple different magical and spiritual paradigms.

More than that, the Provost must be able to see the merits of most paths within Heathenry, and be able to rigorously discern the difference between a person who is doing things their own way and a person who is mired in unresolved personal problems, spiritual parasites, or other issues which take them away from the gods and from genuine spiritual work. The ability to communicate their insight compassionately and accurately is also necessary.

Experience with teaching esoteric arts, facility with internet communication technology, and good, clear writing skills are essential.

The current office holder is:
Name Term Start Term End
Eric Kenron 1 April, 2019 No End Date

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