The purpose of his office is to be as an advocate for the members and help members get answers from the board if and when members are not getting the answers they require from talking directly with the board.

The Ombuds role is structured to function independently, by reporting to the Steer or Board of Directors (Rede), and does not serve any other role in the organization. This current model, sometimes referred to as an organizational Ombuds, works as a designated neutral party, one who is an executive position in the organization, but who is not considered management in the sense of being able to make management decisions.

The office tries to use an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) sensibility, or perhaps more apt, an appropriate dispute resolution sensibility, and provide options to members and the board with guidance on ethics concerns, provide mediation for conflicts, track problem areas, and make recommendations for changes to policies or procedures in support of orderly systems change.

The Troth Ombuds is an appointed position of the board and serves at is pleasure.  It does not act as a Judge or have any legal or paralegal powers but hopes to act as a bridge to aid in resolving disputes between parties who are willing.

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Updated 09/11/2014